Driving Under the Influence (of Cellphones and Hypocrisy)

Posted: January 29, 2010 in Batteries Not Included

Hands Free!According to a study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, hand-held phone bans have no effect on the frequency of car crashes.

Today I was driving back to church after an errand, and was behind a “slow driver” on the freeway (who was going at speed limit).  I followed for a while, enjoying the relaxed pace for once.  But another driver decided to follow behind me at a close distance, which made me feel somewhat agitated, and I started to get annoyed with the “slow driver” in front of me.

I passed him to the right, and noticed that he was talking on a cellphone held up to his ear with his right hand.  How dare he! Didn’t he know about the hands free law?? I drove past him, feeling holy that I wasn’t breaking the law, and went on my merry way, at 80 mph, back to church. You would’ve been so proud of me, God. Right?


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