And this, too, shall pass

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Batteries Not Included

MrE had to take an assessment test, and went to visit an educational psychologist.  He took a barrage of tests, at the end of which the psychologist told A that MrE scored on the very high end on some tests, but on the VERY low end on other tests.  He indicated that this was not a normal result, and requested that MrE retake the lower-result tests with both parents present.  So we took a trip together to see the good doctor today.

At the end of the test session, after going over the results with us, Dr. Jerome Kristal informed us that MrE was going to be the last patient that he would be assessing, since he was retiring.  He shared briefly with us about his time spent as a school principal, and then his time working as an educational psychologist in Milpitas. I left with a sense that this man has seen a lot and had influenced a lot of lives. I was very honored that my son was his last patient (and sad that we won’t be able to bring Ziggy back to see him when it’s her turn for an evaluation).

It made me think, though – no matter what it is you’re doing today, no matter how good you are at it, there will come a day when that, too, will end. What will you take with you after your career has come to and end (besides your decimated 401K)?

  1. Alice says:

    Do you think the whole, scoring in the 3rd percentile threw him into retirement?

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