Moving to a New Church…

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Batteries Not Included
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No, no, I’m not moving to a new church.  🙂

One of our high school seniors went away to Canada for college this year.  Big deal, you may think. Kids go to college all the time. But see… she was born and raised in our church, as far as I know. From birth, until leaving for school, she had attended one church (again, as far as I know).  Recently, I saw a post from her on Facebook, where she wrote, “I can’t believe I have to find another church to go to :(“.  OK, so I’m probably reading way too much into that statement, but it got me thinking – for someone who grew up in one church, and is used to the format of services in one church, and knows the people from one church, what does it feel like to need to find another church?

Is it anything like getting a divorce and getting back into the dating scene?

I’ve had to find new churches only a few times in my life.  Well, no, not really. More accurately, I’ve moved to new churches a few times in my life. The first time was when I came to the US from Taiwan. But that was easy – I just went where my parents went (EFC Irvine). It wasn’t easy fitting into the youth group initially, but eventually it happened. Then I went to another church, a Caucasian church, because I joined the Bible Quiz program. I was only there for a year. Then I changed churches again, this time to the church where I would attend until I left for college (FPCOC). When I went to college, I almost stopped going to church – this was the first time in my life where I was on my own, left to decide for myself if I wanted to go to church or not. It was quite the temptation – but thankfully I found a church to call home (EFC Berkeley). And after I graduated, well, my dad brought me to the church where I still attend and am now one of the pastors (SJCA).

I’ve been at SJCA for twelve years now, making it my longest attendance in a church. And if you asked me to move to another church, well, I’d say no, because I love this church. But let’s say that God decides that my time here is done (“But I’ve barely gotten started!”) and He wanted me to go somewhere else – I think I would feel really strange, going to another church unfamiliar to me, getting to know people all over again.

But the best part of it – I think it wouldn’t be so bad, as long as the church is theologically sound. After all, we’re all Christians, all brothers and sisters, and we are all one in Him. That’s something neat and profound to think about – the unity we have in Christ. Because we are one in Christ, wherever we go, when we meet others of His Body, we can know that we have a common bond, and we can fellowship, and break bread together, because there is something that unites us, something greater than all of us.

It’s so awesome, it boggles my mind.


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