I’ll be good, I promise!

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Batteries Not Included
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Conjugal visits. I forget why I stumbled upon this topic, but I remember googling it and reading up on it.

Did you know that conjugal visits, though often associated with sex, isn’t just for sex? A lot of jails have a trailer where the conjugal and the conjugee get to stay, for whatever period of time they’re allotted.  And sometimes, it isn’t just a wife visiting the husband, sometimes the whole family comes along.  And it got me to thinking – what if I were in jail?  I would love to have my wife and kids visit me, but… would I be able to look my kids in the eye(s)? Hey, come give daddy the criminal a hug… would they miss me and run into my arms for an embrace, or would they stand at a distance and look at me with fear and distrust in their eyes? After all, especially in the Chinese community, word gets around fast, and I’m sure that they would’ve been teased to no end that their daddy is in jail. I tried to picture myself in my jail garb (or do they allow you to wear regular clothing for the visit?) waiting in the trailer for my wife and kids to arrive (or maybe they wait for me in the trailer), the anticipation and shame battling, each trying to rise to the top.. If I really did something wrong, what would my kids think?  And if I were wrongly accused.. would they still be embarrassed about me? Are these the thoughts that keep me from falling over the edge and committing some heinous crime?

Why do I stay up late at night thinking about these things?

  1. Alice says:

    you might be arrested for your beliefs. Who knows?

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