Pastor’s Kid

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Batteries Not Included

And so it starts… today was MrE’s birthday. He is off from school this week.  He spent the morning waiting for us while we had staff meeting.  He joined us when we had lunch with some of the other pastors.  An upside – his aunt (one of the pastors) took him to Borders to pick a book of his choice, as a present – that was awesome. Then go to church with mom and dad, and have hotpot dinner with the State college group, and spend the rest of the night reading books in the nursery. Oh, and there was cake, too, and some people he didn’t know singing happy birthday to him.

Is this what it’s like to grow up a pastor’s kid? It’s helping me to understand why my wife’s family didn’t celebrate birthdays – it sets up high expectations that sometimes can’t be met because of our services. Isn’t it better to show the kids you love them everyday, and if the day of the birthday, the parents are too busy to celebrate – well, so what? It’s just another day, right?

I hope MrE sees the value in what we do, and that he doesn’t end up being one of those pastor’s kids that resent their parent(s)’ profession. It’s in God’s hands – I have to trust that He’ll take care of my family as I take care of His sheep.

Me, I’m totally tired, but had a great day.  🙂


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