A Soldering Iron With No Solder…

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Batteries Not Included
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I was fixing up one of my guitars tonight (I took the pickguard assembly off and accidentally ripped off one of the wires), and was trying to solder the wire back on.  I had a soldering iron at home, but no solder (the stuff you melt to get the wires to stick to each other), and try as I might, I couldn’t put the wire back where it belonged.  The soldering iron was hot, really hot, but still useless. To say I was frustrated would be an understatement.

And then it hit me – a soldering iron with no solder is like a worship musician with no love for God. You can be on fire, ready to go, but if you don’t have that one essential ingredient that connects you to God, then… well, I think you can connect the dots.

It’s probably no coincidence that just this morning, someone wrote to me:

“On Saturday night when you both went to sleep I actually was laying awake in my sleeping bag with my iPod listening to Hillsong and Tomlin then all of a sudden, I felt God’s presence and I realized that tomorrow, next week and however long I have I want people to feel what I’ve felt at that instance, just fully worshipping God through pure joy and realization of how much He has loved me and took care of me.”

There. I think I just found the solder.


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