The Father’s Heart

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Batteries Not Included

Today, when we got back home after the SJSU Bible study, Ziggy was sitting in her carseat in the back, with her eyes closed. When I went to pick her up, I saw her lips lightly twitching, so I leaned in close and asked, “Are you awake or asleep?” Without moving her lips very much, she softly whispered, “Asleep.”

Cute, no? It really melted my heart and a big smile broke out on my face. And at that moment, I realized how much our Father in heaven loves us, and we don’t even have to be cutesy. He loves us just as we are. I don’t know what God looks like, but since we’re created in His image.. I like to think that He smiles when He looks down at us. I like to think that as much as I love my kids, He loves me even more.

The things that touch a father’s heart… and to receive a father’s love.. that’s something awesome to think about.

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