Inspiration, passion, and discipline

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Batteries Not Included
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We are faced today with a generation that lacks discipline, and thrives on inspiration and passion. And perhaps this is what is crippling our nation – we are raising future leaders who will bail on us if they do not feel inspired or passionate about the issues they face.

Take Osama bin Laden, for example – for 10 years we hunted him. For 10 years we were not able to find him. Right after 9/11, you can bet that the inspiration was high, and the passion was burning. Find the man and kill him! Take out the Al Qaeda! And for 10 years, we tried. And tried. And nothing was happening. You can bet that for the families of those who perished on 9/11, the passion and inspiration continued for much longer than the general public, but after a while, I would guess their zeal was starting to wane, too.

So was it inspiration and passion that enabled us to catch OSB? Or was it discipline that enabled the CIA and the military to keep going, when the inspiration and passion were long gone?

Or take marriage as another example… the media show us plenty of inspiration and passion, but media generally doesn’t last long enough to show what happens when the passion and inspiration are gone. Generations past were able to survive their marriages because they had discipline – today, when all we have are passion and inspiration, what you get are leaders who feel passionate towards hotel maids and senators who are inspired to tweet.

“Discipline is what one does when inspiration and passion exist.” And that is why we are in so much trouble today. Discipline must come first, and only when there is discipline can inspiration and passion thrive.

  1. jeiji says:

    Troof. I feel like everyone likes the glitz and glam, but doesn’t wanna’ bring out the windex to get it. Harumph.

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