Food For Thought

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Batteries Not Included
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I heard something this morning that made me seethe with anger, bordering on wrath. Apparently, in Sunday school, some of the kids don’t like the lunch that’s served. To show that they don’t like it, they’ll take their bowl (of fried rice or noodles) as it’s handed to them, then turn around and dump it RIGHT INTO THE TRASH CAN. OH my goodness, even as I type that I can feel my blood pressure rising and my veins bulging. IT MAKES ME MAD.

See, I was raised to value food and to never waste food. Sure, I’ve had arguments about stuff I didn’t like to eat (sesame chicken soup was my mortal nemesis), but I never got away with not eating something simply because I didn’t like it. It was not a choice I was given. Well, there was a choice. I could eat what was served at the table, or I could choose to disobey, receive the belt, and then eat what was served at the table (cold by the time the belting was done).

Today’s kids, though.. I don’t know how this was allowed to happen, but today’s kids have become food snobs. The other day at church, as a treat, MrsA brought Taco Bell for lunch (instead of the usual tuna sandwich that we’d been having). I heard later that someone left early that day to go out and get food because he felt that Taco Bell isn’t food. Taco Bell isn’t food? Excuse me? Then what does that make me? Someone who eats not-food? Or maybe it’s not food fit for humans – does that make me a dog, perhaps?

This morning, MrE was in the grumps, and didn’t eat much of his oatmeal. He told me he was full, and I asked him why he didn’t eat more of his breakfast. He said, “Because I don’t like the oatmeal.” To which I replied, “I don’t care. Finish it.” I knew that if he didn’t finish the oatmeal, he’d go hungry, and when he gets hungry, he gets even grumpier. As a dad, I’m here to make sure he has proper nutrition and nourishment – I’m not some damned gourmet out to satisfy his taste buds. Yes, as a father, I want to provide what he likes, but as a son, he needs to learn to eat what’s put in front of him, on those occasions when I don’t make things to his liking. To MrE’s credit, he wolfed down what was still in his bowl.

So we’re raising a generation of food snobs. But this post isn’t about food. It’s about the selfish and wasteful nature of this generation. It’s all about me, and what I want, and what I “need” (which most of the time is want in the guise of need). And whatever I don’t want, whatever I don’t need – well, throw it away! We have a generation of future leaders who have learned to make their own interests top priority, with no concern for anyone else; we have a generation of future leaders who have no concept of saving, because they live in so much abundance that they can just throw things away without a thought. Does it matter that someone went through the trouble of bringing something special for lunch? Nope, sorry, that’s not food. Does it matter that one of the roommates is still learning how to cook? Uh, you can’t possibly expect me to eat that. Does it matter that the leftovers might have been intended for someone who hasn’t come home for dinner yet? Who cares, I’m going to get a full plate of second helpings, eat just a few bites, and throw away the rest.

Watch out, America. Pray hard, parents. Because we’re handing our futures to a generation that understands only two things: SELF and WASTE. And guess who made them that way? YOU.


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