Kurzweil PC2X

Posted: December 28, 2011 in Batteries Not Included

Today I drove out to SGV to check out a keyboard listed on Craigslist (hence the title of this post). But my post isn’t about the keyboard – it’s about the seller. He wasn’t planning on making the keyboard available for testing until Thursday, but when I told him I would be leaving town by then and it’d be too late, he was willing to make an exception, since he noticed from my email signature that I was a pastor.

Once I’d given the keyboard a once-over, he started to tell me that the main reason he’s selling the keyboard is because he’s moving back to Hong Kong to care for his parents in their deteriorating health. As he continued in his story, more details unfolded – and what an incredible story. Turns out sometime last year, he’d been involved in a car accident that led to the other person stabbing him in the chest in an altercation (and was later shot dead by police who responded at the scene). At that point, he really started to question what his purpose in life was, and after much thought and prayer, he decided to quit his job here and move back to Hong Kong to help care for his parents.

In this day and age, when all you hear about are young people who are doing everything they can to make a name for themselves (sometimes literally) and to get ahead in the rat race, it was so refreshing to hear from someone who’s decided to give up pursuing his own dreams, to live a life of service to others. It gives me hope to meet someone who isn’t self-centered, who isn’t constantly thinking about himself and how he feels and what he wants in life.


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