What a year!

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Batteries Not Included

2012 has to be, by far, one of the most exciting years of my life. It all started with a chest stab wound at the end of 2011 – talk about ending the year with a bang! but it was more like a stab! than a bang! – and then before we knew it, we almost lost my brother-in-law and senior pastor to septic shock. Then we watched a miracle unfolding before our very eyes as his body became emaciated through the surgeries and treatments and then very quickly his health started to recover, and against all odds, a few weeks before Christmas, he was declared (many weeks ahead of schedule) healed and no longer needing any more treatment.

For the 2012 Sze clan Christmas gathering, the O’Hoyts showcased their brand new remodeled kitchen, but even better than that, EVERYONE in the clan was there. I was reflecting that it could have been a much more somber Christmas gathering, except by God’s grace and mercy my brother-in-law not only was alive and present, but was in good health all around. Speaking of present, there were presents, presents, and MORE presents. I think most of the cousins were in shock by how many presents they got. The aunts and uncles and grandparents seemed to go all out with the gifting this year. But then again, we had ample reason to celebrate. And celebrate we did! One of the cousins left behind his/her Meiji chocolate pandas, and I am the happy beneficiary (I took it when no one was looking).

Mixed in there in November, my brother got married (and we celebrated my birthday multiple times during the rehearsal dinner – Happy Birthday played again and again over the speakers in the restaurant), and I was able to spend Christmas Eve with my brother and his wife and my aunt, and she made all the foods I liked to eat as a kid. My dad and aunt both feel some sort of relief now that both my brother and I are married. Married life isn’t easy (most issues stem from my selfishness), but I believe God is able to overcome our own shortcomings (my selfishness) and uphold us through the long haul.

In early December, I thought I felt another lump, same kind of lump that 5 years ago led to a diagnosis of a malignant tumor and the removal of half my man-ness. Except this year, I found out after a scan that the lump was just a cyst. So I asked the doctor about it, because the lump felt exactly like the first lump I felt back in 2007 . Turns out that first lump wasn’t a cancerous lump at all – it was just a cyst, but when they did the ultrasound back in 2007, they found a tiny little tumor next to the cyst. So if it hadn’t been for the cyst, by the time the tumor was big enough to be found and felt, it probably would’ve spread and my treatment (surgery only) wouldn’t have been so easy. And to think, these last 5 years, I had no idea how easy I had it. I wish I’d known – not that I wasn’t thankful to God, but I wish I could’ve been thankful to God for how good He REALLY was to me.

Oh and Alice’s brother gave us a car for Christmas.

What a year!

  1. Borareed says:

    Incredible year. So much to give thanks for. Thanks for sharing!

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