I forgot what I was going to write…

Posted: January 11, 2013 in Batteries Not Included
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This past week while we were up at Tahoe, my lovely athletic wife decided to try her hand at learning to snowboard (she is an almost-expert skier). Unfortunately for us, she took a tumble on the second day and suffered a concussion. One of the symptoms of concussion is memory loss, and I witnessed for the first time someone’s memory being wiped out (she lost about 36 hours worth of short term memory). And it got me thinking…. what if she had lost all her memory? What if she forgot who I was? My very existence to her, it could have all disappeared in the blink of an eye (or the knock of a head). How tenuous relationships really are! Everything that I am to her depends on the storage of electrons in her brain, and given enough of a shake, it could all be shaken out. (When I first realized that she had really lost her memories of the last few hours, one of the first things I did was to remind her that I had done the dishes that morning. Goodness, what a moron.)

I remember a movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, where (if I remember correctly – ha!) the main character wanted to erase all memories he had of his ex-girlfriend. I recall that the procedure went smoothly, until his mind started to fall apart because it couldn’t account for the missing memories. Would Alice’s mind fight back for the memories lost, if it were more than 36 hours worth? What about 3.6 years’ worth? Or 3.6 decades? I’ve read about loved ones fighting the ravages of Alzheimer’s. Many people suffer – those who carry the disease are robbed of their memories, and the loved ones around them are robbed of their relationships.

A line from a song I wrote a long time ago: Do you remember? Can you remember? Do you even want to remember? How could you forget?

Enjoy your memories, while you still have them. Cherish the people around you, while you still remember who they are.

  1. asze says:

    Do you remember Memento? That seemed to maybe work not really?

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