I forgot (again)!

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Batteries Not Included

Memory. It’s a funny thing. I remember (haha!) when I was young, I was very good at remembering things. I still have very vivid memories of my life in Taiwan, and my early years here in America. Memories that remain intact, down to the very minute details of the scene I remember. I remember.

But lately, I’ve been forgetting a lot. In one of Evan’s classes, the teacher was going over the process of doing work, and following the different branches of the decision tree. One of the results is that as you’re doing work, your mind starts to think about something else, and that something else is important. So what are you supposed to do? Write down that other thing (because it’s important), go back to your work, and come back to that something else later when you are done with your work.

But see, I never wrote things down, because I never forgot. Until recently. I would think of something important I should jot down on my to-do list, but I can’t do that at the moment because my to-do list is on my phone and I’m driving and I never use my phone when I drive, so I tell myself first thing I need to do when I stop the car is write down the important thing, and as I drive I start to think of the to-do list and the things that are on there and even before I get to the next traffic light, I’ve forgotten the thing I remembered that I needed to write down.

Sometimes at dinner, the kids will ask for milk, and by the time I get to the fridge (this makes my house sound so big, but it isn’t), I’ve already forgotten why I went there.

I don’t know when I became so forgetful. I wonder if it’s because nowadays, with all the gadgets and technology helping us to remember things, we don’t have to remember as much on our own and so our brains start to atrophy. Goodness’ sake, I used to remember a LOT of phone numbers! And license plate numbers! Granted, I know a lot more people now than I did in junior high and high school, but I don’t remember most people’s phone numbers because I don’t have to. You know, back in the day, if I had lost my cellphone (but we didn’t have cellphones back then), I wouldn’t have to create a “Lost My Phone” Facebook event (we didn’t have Facebook back then either) to get everyone’s phone numbers – it was all stored in my head. Today, I can count on two hands the number of phone numbers I have committed to memory.

As if my forgetfulness wasn’t enough.. my body is quickly deteriorating. I have a lot more aches and pains than I used to. And that’s just from getting out of bed in the morning.

Is this what getting old feels like?


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